Our two main objectives are:


Summon the woman of the future:

Progressive, Intellectual, Sporty and Passionate

with holistic and cosmic thoughts.


Take women to a place where they can transform, renew and find their most authentic selves by developing good taste and their personal language.

A modern woman who is well instructed and prejudice free


Karamazov Brothers


Self love and respect.

To be a a well grounded woman who is friends with her subconscious mind.

Understanding that love to others starts with self love.

To be the elegant lady that channels her “dark side” instead of fighting it down.

A woman that chooses her own path and is her own leader: makes her own decisions out of passion and love and not fear or insecurities.

A woman that works constantly and orderly to have a clear mind that helps her achieve her own life objectives as long as she enjoys what she is doing.

To read and learn to focus in order to feed the mind. Someone that attempts to write down their own experiences, thoughts and concerns as a way to get to know themselves better.

A woman that diligently takes care of affective bonds with people that strengthen her way of being. Looks for mates that bring out the best, inspire her to grow and become her best version.

To see all other women not as a treat or as enemies but as her own allies. Gathering different but like minded women; with intellectual ambition and spiritual depth forges a consistent and transcendent community.

Condesas as a community aims to see the success of any woman as a source of joy and inspiration to all others.

Our Philosophy

To create a community that strengthens their members Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically and Intellectually through the values of Authenticity, Complicity and Mutual Demand.

Our Activities



Themed choreographies that aim to channel the most epic emotions: Theatrical Pole, Cabaret and Chair Dance, Lap Dance…



A combination of Yoga + Meditation + Stretching that will connect us to our deepest and most sacred self.



Foster concentration and intellectual development by reading classics and writing as a means of liberation and self-knowledge. Organize artistic activities such as “cinema forums” and attendance to cultural concerts and exhibition.

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